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Latest Muggulu Photos 2016 eenadu muggulu

Hi friends here are some awesome collections for you to refer and apply in your rangoli competitions we are giving you a variety of eenadu muggulu latest rangolies of 2016

eenadu muggulu sankranthi rangoli
Sankranthi Muggulu1

sankranthi muggulu 2016 latest eenadu
Sankranthi Muggulu2

Competition Muggulu, Chukkala muggulu 2016, flower muggulu
Sankranthi Muggulu3

Muggulu Pics, muggulu with dots, latest muggulu
Sankranthi Muggulu 4

design muggulu 2016, latest flower muggulu
Sankranthi Muggulu 5

mungita muggulu, chukkala muggulu
Sankranthi Muggulu 6

eenadu competition muggulu,sakshi muggulu
Sankranthi Muggulu7

Sankranthi muggulu 2016, flower muggulu,design muggulu

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New Year 2016 Welcome Muggulu

Hi here are the latest new year special rangolies and some flower muggulu for you to make your house beautiful and colourful all the collections are specially designed and art by srilatha.

You can check the rangolies for your reference and you cannot place in any website stay tuned for more innovative and fresh muggulu :)

Checkout the New Year Rangolies

new year muggulu

The following two rangolies are designed using Telugu letters....

pongal muggu with dots

competition muggulu with dots

This is another art using telugu letters drawn with dots..

best muggulu in india

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flower muggulu

You might also check more New year & sankranthi muggulu

chinna muggulu

A Huge Melika Muggu

melika muggu books

melika muggulu competition

1st prize muggulu

A Best New Year Welcome Designs 

latest 2016 muggulu

latest new year rangolies

muggula book online

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Latest New Year & Sankranthi Muggulu Photos

Hi here some latest collection of sankranthi muggulu all these collections are innovative and unique all the designs and rangolies are drawn by srilatha from kavali.

So people who are interested for rangolies can check these designs and place colours in front of your home and make this festival beautiful..

latest new year muggulu

Telugu Aksharala Muggu

sankranthi rangoli

latest muggulu

pongal muggulu rangoli

naradudu muggulu

sankranthi muggulu photos

sankranthi competition muggulu with dots

chakram muggu

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Eenadu Andhrajyothi rangoli competition images

Sankranthi festival is very famous in our state as entire state is filled up with sankrathi pictures and now it's the time for searching best rangoli for competition here we provide you the best rangoli for competition as are providing you the district wide rangoli competition images. So check all these and choose your wish apply at your local rangoli competition.

These rangoli competition images are taken from the Andhra Jyothi rangoli competition held in Hyderabad on January 10th 2012. first prize for rangoli competition winner is Rs:40,000/- Second prize 25,000/- and third prize is 13000 and also they provided 20 consolation prizes.

Here are the rangoli competition images for you.

Andhrajyothi rangoli competition images 1st Prize : Rs 40,000/-

Andhrajyothi rangoli competition images 2nd Prize : Rs 25,000/-

Andhrajyothi rangoli competition images 3rd Prize : Rs 13,000/-

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